The Moringa Moss - Our Organic Irish Sea Gel Infused w/ Moringa & Baobab

The Moringa Moss - Our Organic Irish Sea Gel Infused w/ Moringa & Baobab

This blend contains the powerhouse combo of Irish Sea Moss, Moringa and Baobab. All of which have been used for centuries for their potent health benefits.

Irish Sea Moss provides many health benefits that can help maximise your body's full potential. Some of these include; immune boosting properties, supports emotional health, energy boosting B vitamins, promotes lung health, helps boost metabolism, sooth skin conditions and prebiotic effects for a health gut. Read more in the 'Health Benefits' page.

Moringa has many important vitamins and minerals. Gram for gram it contains 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas and 25 times the iron found in spinach.

It also has calcium, protein, and amino acids, which help your body heal and build muscle. It's also packed with antioxidants, which can protect cells from damage and may boost your immune system. There's some evidence that some of these antioxidants can also lower blood pressure and reduce fat in the blood and body

Baobab has traditionally been used in African populations to relieve diarrhoea, constipation, and dysentery. The soluble fibres found in baobab fruit may exert prebiotic effects, promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. Soluble fibre also helps to slow down the release of sugars into the blood stream, reducing energy spikes. It can also help to control blood glucose levels, improve blood cholesterol and reduce visceral fat (body fat that is stored around the organs in your abdominal). Baobab is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C which supports collagen formation - helping to give you radiant, glowing skin as well as preventing wrinkles.

We recommend taking 1-2 tablespoons daily. You can take the moss gel straight from the jar or add it to smoothies, drinks, porridge and meals. Customers favourite combinations include using it for fruit smoothies, protein shakes, used as a thickener in soups and dishes likes smashed avocado. Our moss gel can also be used as a face mask, It’s nutrient rich properties make it great at calming inflamed skin. We recommend applying moss as a face mask once daily. Simply apply the moss to the face with a clean spoon, leave on for 15-30 minutes or until the moss dries and then wash off thoroughly.

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