What is Irish Sea Moss?

What is Irish Sea Moss?

Irish Sea Moss has been used for many years both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from Jamaica where it is sold as a drink widely marketed as an aphrodisiac for men and a tonic for digestive issues and mood disorders. To Ireland where according to ancient Irish folklore, Irish Sea Moss was carried on trips for protection and safety and placed beneath rugs to increase luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into the household..

Irish Sea Moss is so nutrient dense that it was used as “poverty food” during the famous Irish Potato Famine of 1846 – 1848. It is thought that this contributed to its fall from favour after the famine - so strongly was it associated with hardship that it was largely ignored

Irish Sea Moss provides many health benefits that can help maximise your body's full potential. Some of these include; immune boosting properties, supports emotional health, energy boosting B vitamins, promotes lung health, helps boost metabolism, sooth skin conditions and prebiotic effects for a healthy gut. Read more in the 'Health Benefits' page.

All of our Irish Sea Moss is harvested by a fourth generation family in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland. They have been hand-picking organic seaweed for over 100 years. All the seaweed we use comes from the pristine nutrient rich waters of the the Atlantic Ocean off the West Coast. Our seaweed is only harvested when its in season to ensure the nutrient profile of the seaweed is at its at its richest. Our harvesters like their ancestors use sustainable harvesting methods to ensure the seaweed will regenerate for the generations to come.
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