Irish Sea Moss How to Use & FAQs

What are my usage options with Irish Sea Moss?

To incorporate our Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel into your diet, you can try the following options:

Consume Directly: Simply take a spoon full straight from the jar itself.

Smoothies and Shakes: Blend Irish Sea Moss Gel into your smoothies or protein shakes for a creamy texture and added health benefits.

Juices: Mix Irish Sea Moss Gel into your favourite juices to enhance their nutrient content.

Herbal teas: Stir Irish Sea Moss Gel into herbal teas for a nourishing and soothing beverage.

Puddings and Jellies: Use Irish Sea Moss Gel as a vegan gelatine replacement in desserts like puddings and jellies.

Soups and Stews: Use Irish Sea Moss Gel as a thickening agent in soups, stews, and curries to enhance their nutritional value.

Ice cream and Sorbets: Incorporate Irish Sea Moss Gel into homemade ice creams or sorbets to make them healthier and more nutritious.

Energy Bars: Add Irish Sea Moss Gel to homemade energy bars for a natural boost of nutrients.

Salad Dressings: Add Irish Sea Moss Gel to your homemade salad dressings for an extra nutritional boost.

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For maximum health benefits, you can consume Irish Sea Moss Gel in the following ways:

Consume Directly: Eat 1-2 tablespoons directly from the spoon for a convenient and satisfying snack

(make sure to use a clean spoon!)

Liquid Beverages: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Irish Sea Moss Gel in water or a herbal drink for a nutrient-packed beverage.

Add in Shakes, Smoothies, Curries, or Baked Goods: Blend or Stir 3 tablespoons of Irish Sea Moss Gel into your favourite shakes, smoothies, curries, or baked goods for a delicious and healthy addition.

Irish Sea Moss Gel contains minerals and moisture that can also rejuvenate the skin, promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, and act as an antibacterial agent, resulting in a healthy, radiant glow.

Irish Sea Moss Gel also has many other benefits. To find out more, please head over to our blogs.

Frequently asked questions

What is Irish Sea Moss?

Irish Sea Moss is a type of red algae (seaweed) that grows on the Atlantic coastlines of Ireland, North America & Europe. The scientific name of Irish Sea Moss is Chondrus Crispus.

Irish Sea Moss has been harvested and consumed in Ireland for hundreds of years and used as a natural remedy for many conditions from the flu to fatigue. During Ireland's potato famine in the 1940's, Irish sea moss was commonly used as food to help prevent sickness and nutritional deficiencies.

Where does Irish Sea Moss come from?

All of our Irish Sea Moss is harvested from the rocks by a fourth generation family in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland. They have been hand-picking organic seaweed for over 100 years from the pristine nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Our organic seaweeds are harvested sustainably and undergo thorough testing such as heavy metals and microbiology to ensure is only the finest organic seaweed is sent to our customers.

Is Sea Moss the same as Irish Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is a general term that is used to describe a few types of seaweed, such as Eucheuma cottonii or the genus Gracilaria, different species of seaweed that is commonly referred to as Jamaican Irish Moss or just Sea Moss which grows in warm water regions.

 This is not the same seaweed as Irish Sea Moss which is scientifically known as Chondrus Crispus. Which grows in cold water regions such as Ireland.

The “Sea Moss” that is mentioned online is Chondrus Crispus, which all articles are referring to when you read them. However 99% of the companies selling Sea Moss are NOT selling Chondrus Crispus, they are selling poor quality Gracilaria which may actually be detrimental to your health.

Sea Moss (Euchema & Gracilaria) is generally grown on ropes in the warmer oceans such as Vietnam and St. Lucia.

Whilst Irish Sea Moss only grows naturally along the coast in cooler waters such as the Atlantic Ocean around Ireland and parts of Europe. We only use Organic Irish Sea Moss which is hand-picked on the rural coastline of County Claire in Ireland.

Read more in our blog.

What are all of the different products?

Our Irish Sea Moss can be consumed in many different ways from our range of products. Each product has been designed for a specific purpose. We have taken inspiration from Ancient traditions and remedies from East and West. From our signature range of Irish Sea Moss Gels to Herbal Capsules, Loose Leaf Herbal Tea and even Seasoning. Each product has a carefully curated blend of potent superfoods, traditional herbs & spices. Together they deliver healing nutrition which you can see more about on each our product pages.

If you are looking to achieve a specific health outcome then please use our shop by health benefit function!

How long does shipping take?

We ship from Monday-Friday, and send your order via 1st class tracked delivery. We make our Irish sea moss gel fresh to order, so please allow 2-3 working days (excludes weekends) for your product to be produced and then dispatched. Shipping should then take 1-2 days.

Do you test the quality of your Irish Sea Moss?

All our seaweeds are produced to the highest standards so our customers can be safe in the knowledge that their seaweed comes with Nutritional Analysis, Chemical and Microbiological Analysis and Organic Certification. We test all our harvest areas for water quality and we dry our seaweed using our state of the art drying systems to ensure the nutrient profile of our seaweed are intact during the drying process.

What does Irish Sea Moss smell and taste like?

Our Sea Moss gel has very little taste or odour. The main profile is a little earthy with the taste of seaweed, we do add freshly squeezed lime and a pinch of organic coconut sugar to give it a fresher, smoother taste.

However as a natural product which we do not add any preservatives or chemicals to, the odour becomes stronger with time. This is 100% natural.

Also our different blends will effect the flavour profile slightly from the added ingredients.

How long does it take to see the benefits of Irish Sea Moss?

Some individuals may notice some of the health benefits of Irish sea moss in a few days, however it usually takes 2-3 weeks of consistent use to notice the full benefits.

How do you store Irish Sea Moss gel?

Please remember that Sea Moss Gel has a limited shelf life of 21 days. As it ages, it may develop a stronger "pond-like" odour, but please rest assured that this is completely normal for this product.

To ensure the best quality of your Sea Moss Gel, refrigerate it immediately upon receiving your order. The gel should be refrigerated for at least 2 hours before use for optimal consistency. This will allow it to form properly and give you the best experience possible.

Is Irish Sea Moss safe for everyone?

Irish Sea Moss is generally considered safe for the whole family including children. However, some individuals may have specific allergies, sensitivities, or medical conditions that could warrant caution or avoidance. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about consuming Irish Sea Moss.

 Due to the power of Irish Sea Moss it is generally not recommended for people who have pre-existing thyroid disorders which are currently being treated with medication due to the levels of iodine which could interact with medication.

It is also not recommended to be taken by pregnant women, please consult your healthcare professional if you wish to do so.

Can Irish Sea Moss help with weight-loss?

Irish sea moss is low in calories and high in dietary fibre, which can help promote a feeling of fullness and potentially support healthy digestion. Additionally, its iodine content may play a role in supporting proper thyroid function, which can positively influence metabolism.

However, it's essential to understand that weight loss is a complex process that involves various factors, including overall calorie intake, macronutrient balance, physical activity, and individual metabolism. Simply consuming Irish sea moss without addressing these other factors is unlikely to lead to significant weight loss.

My Gel has some dark spotting in it, is it clean?

Yes, our Irish sea moss is cleaned thoroughly and we remove all ocean particles such as crustaceans that are naturally attached to Irish Sea Moss. The brown/dark spots in our Irish Sea Moss comes from variance in the colour of the moss. When the Irish Sea Moss is blended, you may see these dark spots of colour which is perfectly normal.

My Gel appears to be more liquid like when delivered?

It is very normal for your Irish Sea Moss Gel to lose its' gel like form during shipping. All of our Irish Sea Moss gels should be placed in the fridge for at least 2 hours to allow the gel reform into this consistency.

My order arrived damaged or broken?

We always do our best to guarantee that your products arrive safely, but sometimes mistakes happen!

To submit a claim for a refund/free replacement please include the following information via email:

• Order number

• Order date

• Name

• Address

• Photo of damaged/broken product

The replacement product will be processed and shipped within a week's time.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

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