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The Moss Way

TranquiliTea Herbal Tea

TranquiliTea Herbal Tea

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A calming blend of loose leaf herbal tea, as always with our signature Organic Irish Sea Moss.

Full of powerful herbs to support a restful nights sleep such as : Chamomile, Ashwagandha, Valerian Root, Avens Oat, Orange & Lemon Peel. All of which have been used for decades to soothe the mind and unwind naturally.

One of our customers favourites for those who struggle to destress and unwind in the evening, allowing you to get deep restorative sleep and wake up feeling fresh!

Check out all the health benefits associated with each ingredient below:

Irish Sea Moss

• Immune boosting properties
• Supports emotional and mental health
• Contains energy boosting B vitamins (B2, B9)
• Helps boost metabolism and promotes healthy thyroid function
• Prebiotic effect for gut health
• Natural multivitamin
• Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

Ashwagandha root

• Reduces stress
• May reduce anxiety
• May reduce symptoms of depression
• Boosts fertility in men
• Enhance muscle growth and strength
• Boosts immunity
• May improve brain functioning including memory

Chamomile flowers

• Improves sleep quality
• May promote digestive health
• Anticancer properties
• Contains Flavones which may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Lemon peel

• High nutritional value including vitamin C, fibre, calcium, potassium and magnesium.
• Antibacterial substances which can support oral health
• High in antioxidants
• May boost your immune system
• Anticancer properties

Orange peel

• Contains vitamin c, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and calcium
• Rich in polyphenols which may prevent and manage conditions such as Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes.
• Anticancer properties

Avens Oat Straw

• Improve sleep quality
• May reduce inflammation
• May improve mood
• May reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress

Valerian root

• Promote healthy sleep
• Promote feelings of relaxation
• May ease anxious feelings that occur in response to stress
• Reduces hot flush severity in menopause


Irish Sea Moss*, Ashwaganda Root, Camomile Flowers, Lemon Peel, Orange peel, Avens Oat Straw, Valerian Root. *Certified Organic

How to Consume

Use a tea infuser of your choice. We recommend a teaspoon (approx. 2g) per person. Add boiling water. Brew for 2-4 minutes, Enjoy!

How to Apply


How to Store

Please store in a cool dark environment away from direct sunlight. This is a natural product, colour may vary.


May contain traces of crustaceans & molluscs, so may be unsuitable for those with Shellfish Allergies.
Please note some ingredients have been packed on the premises that handles nuts (including peanuts), seeds (including sesame seeds), cereals, soya & products containing gluten.

Individuals who are pregnant or with an existing medical condition should seek qualified expert advice before using any supplement, herb or spice.

Irish Moss functions as a thinner, individuals that are taking anticoagulant medications (blood thinners) or suffer from any blood clotting disorders should not use Irish Moss or should seek professional medical advice before consumption.

Sea Moss helps balance Thyroid Hormones through Iodine and should not be used by anyone who suffers from an Overactive Thyroid.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult your physician. We do not provide medical advice.

🌱 A Calming Night-Time Loose Leaf Tea

  • Promotes Deep Restful Sleep
  • Aids Digestion
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety
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Frequently asked questions

What is Irish Sea Moss?

Irish Sea Moss is a type of red algae (seaweed) that grows on the Atlantic coastlines of Ireland, North America & Europe. The scientific name of Irish Sea Moss is Chondrus Crispus. Irish Sea Moss has been harvested and consumed in Ireland for hundreds of years and used as a natural remedy for many conditions from the flu to fatigue. During Ireland's potato famine in the 1940's, Irish Sea Moss was commonly used as food to help prevent sickness and nutritional deficiencies.

Where does Irish Sea Moss come from?

As you can imagine by the name, real Irish Sea Moss is grown in Ireland. However, it does also grow is some parts of Europe and North America in the cool waters of the Atlantic. All our Irish Sea Moss is hand-picked from the West Coast of Ireland where it is grown naturally on the rocky coastline of the Atlantic. The Irish Sea Moss binds to the rocks and naturally pulls minerals and nutrients from the rock and the ocean which is why it is so nutritionally dense.

Is Sea Moss the same as Irish Sea Moss?

There is a lot of misunderstanding on the internet, lots of muddling of words which includes the species of seaweed. Sea Moss is a general term that is used to describe a few types of seaweed, such as Eucheuma cottonii or the genus Gracilaria, a different species of seaweed that is commonly referred to as Jamaican Irish moss or just Sea Moss which grows in warm water regions. This is not the same seaweed as Irish Sea Moss which is scientifically known as Chondrus Crispus. This is the “Sea Moss” that is mentioned online, Chondrus Crispus is the Sea Moss which all articles online are referring to when you read. However 99% of the companies selling Sea Moss are NOT selling Chondrus Crispus, they are selling cheap Gracilaria. Sea Moss (Euchema & Gracilaria) is generally grown on ropes in the warmer oceans such as Vietnam and St. Lucia.Whilst Irish Sea Moss only grows naturally along the coast in cooler waters such as the Atlantic Ocean around Ireland and parts of Europe. We only use Organic Irish Sea Moss which is hand-picked on the rural coastline of County Claire in Ireland.

The Moss Way is a great company and their sea moss is a fantastic product. I found the sea moss really improved my gut health and my skin by taking a tablespoon every day. The company are so friendly and really quick at replying to emails and helping with any questions. The delivery is prompt each month and packaging is minimal and sustainable. I have recycled several of their jars the sea moss comes in. Thank you, The Moss Way


I started with the capsules a month ago and Loving this product 😀😁 and feeling great so far 💕 so it can only get better 😁


Absolutely Loving my Moss jars !! I've been adding to my daily smoothie for a couple of weeks & already feeling the benefits! Especially as I don't eat meat its great way to get all of the vitamin & mineral content in 1 tablespoon. A great product, I'd highly recommend!


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